An excessive amount of spirulina?

An excessive amount of spirulina?

It is inexperienced. It is “clear” and it is touted as “the healthiest superfood on the earth.” Spirulina gives 60% all-vegetarian protein by weight, however are you able to get an excessive amount of?

In a phrase, sure!

Folks normally begin taking spirulina as a way to help their well being. A blue-green algae wealthy in beta-carotene, iron, vitamin B-12 and the uncommon important fatty acid GLA, spirulina powder is a little bit of an acquired style. Even so, converts swear by its powers to cleanse the pores and skin, loosen up the thoughts, and supply further vitality. Whether or not added to smoothies and recent juices or taken in tablet type, spirulina initially looks as if a winner.

Anecdotal tales counsel healings from malnutrition, most cancers, pimples, allergy symptoms, and protein deficiencies, to call a couple of. From an environmental perspective, spirulina gives methods to stave off deforestation, because it grows in brackish water on infertile land. Some producers and supporters take into account spirulina to be a necessary complement for ending world starvation! Certainly, this small blue-green algae does some fairly unimaginable issues.

Sadly, only a few sources warn of the risks of ingesting an excessive amount of spirulina. Though removed from a “mainstream downside”, spirulina overdose is definitely fairly frequent in well being nut circles, particularly amongst uncooked veggie lovers, who could use it in salad dressings, smoothies and recent fruit juices – all in the identical day!

Spirulina accommodates 3900% extra beta-carotene than carrots. At first, it seems to be like a bonus: extra is best, proper? Effectively, not at all times. The physique can convert beta-carotene into vitamin A, and in massive doses, vitamin A turns into poisonous to the liver. Excessive dose spirulina customers usually complain of extreme physique itching, which appears to return from below the pores and skin. No quantity of oils, lotions, or water appears to alleviate the itching. For those who or somebody you understand has this downside, it might be an indication of significant liver toxicity. Many individuals expertise reduction inside a couple of days by stopping spirulina and another beta-carotene wealthy meals or dietary supplements equivalent to goji berries, beets, carrots, E3Live or Crystal Manna and sure seaweed. As soon as the itching has subsided, they will steadily add decrease doses of meals containing beta-carotene, however they might want to train warning for some time whereas their liver recovers.

For individuals who have began taking spirulina for his or her well being, the prospect of liver toxicity poses an ironic impact. Spirulina and different superfoods nonetheless present highly effective advantages, however we should do not forget that “tremendous” meals CAN actually present “an excessive amount of goodness”. Really helpful doses vary from 3-5 grams as much as 40 grams per day, making it tough to evaluate an overdose state of affairs. For those who’re experiencing uncommon signs and have eaten a number of highly effective plant meals like spirulina, take into account slicing again on these superfoods a bit. On the subject of dietary supplements and/or superfoods, extra does not at all times imply higher.


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