Ayurveda or the science of life reveals the way in which to dwell 100 years! – First half

Ayurveda or the science of life reveals the way in which to dwell 100 years! – First half

The time period ‘Ayurveda’ consists of two phrases, specifically ‘Ayus’ and ‘Veda’ which means ‘The Science of Life’.
“The Hindu faith just isn’t solely a faith, but additionally a philosophy, not solely a faith and a philosophy however it’s a lifestyle” – says Somerset Maugham in his e book “Viewpoints”.

The Hindu faith locations 4 beliefs earlier than humanity.

1) Dharma which means Righteousness

2) Artha which means Wealth

3) Kama which means Want

4) Moksha which means Liberation.

Dharma is related to the soul itself which should be inferred from its outcomes.
Artha is the attainment of wealth like gold, silver, and so on.
Kama is the achievement of need like kissing ladies.
Moksha is liberation from the world.

In an effort to attain the above 4, man should dwell lengthy. Of the three basic wishes, specifically the need to dwell, the need to win and the need to carry out virtuous acts, precedence should be given to the need for longevity; as a result of with the top of life there may be an finish of all the things.
There are 4 ages specifically Satya Yuga or Satya Age, Treta Yuga or Treta Age, Dvapapra Yuga or Dvaprara Age and Kali Yuga or Kali Age.

Human beings with a disciplined life loved a lifespan of 400 years on the age of Satya. In Treta Age it was lowered to 300 years. Within the age of Dvapara, it was 200 years. And within the current age of Kali, it’s 100 years.
“A cart with regular qualities and a transport involves the stage of destruction, solely after the expiration of the desired interval. Thus, the lifetime of an individual with an indefinite lifespan is destroyed even earlier than reaching the conventional life attributable to his personal faults” says Agnivesa, the good sage.
To dwell fortunately, it’s worthwhile to eat a nutritious diet. There are ten underlying rules
wholesome meals and its consumption.

1) Meals ought to be scorching.

2) Meals ought to be easy

3) Meals ought to be taken in correct quantity

4) Meals ought to solely be taken after the earlier meal has been digested

5) Meals components shouldn’t be contradictory of their efficiency.

6) Meals ought to be taken from a pleasant place with the required equipment

7) Meals shouldn’t be taken too rapidly.

8) The admissions course of shouldn’t be excessively sluggish.

9) Whereas consuming, you need to neither speak nor giggle; in the meantime, focus solely on meals.

10) Solely meals wholesome for a person’s bodily structure and psychic temperament ought to be eaten.
(The English translation of Caraka Samhita verses given on this sequence of articles is by Dr. Ram Karan Sharma and Vaidya Bhagwan Sprint).

One who wishes to dwell 100 years ought to all the time carry out sure noble deeds with care. The acts to be carried out can be listed within the following article.

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