Banana – The Meals of Life

Banana – The Meals of Life

Banana is a fruit that grows in clusters on banana bushes. These bushes are cultivated for the manufacturing of their fruits. The banana tree grows to a peak of 4 to eight (5-8) toes with leaves as much as seven (7) toes in size, every tree when within the productive stage has younger suckers which step by step mature to as the principle tree produces a bunch of inexperienced bananas. These bushes are associated to Plantains and Figs.

Bananas develop on a dangling bunch with as much as sixteen (16) fruits within the hand and twelve to sixteen (12-16) fingers within the bunch. When ripe, they’re harvested, the tree is felled, permitting new shoots to mature.

Banana is among the freshest fruits we will get right now, it’s excessive in iron and low in salt; It’s a good supply of potassium, excessive in fiber and B nutritional vitamins. Fruit is plentiful 12 months spherical, cheap and a dependable supply of carbohydrates.

Bananas will also be reduce inexperienced of their unripe stage and used for quite a lot of dishes; as soon as cooked for instance, we make banana stew, banana coo-coo, marinated banana with salted fish and plenty of extra. As soon as dried, it may be eaten within the type of chips and floor into flour.

As soon as ripe, the fruit is picked inexperienced and exported to numerous nations, the place the dear product is offered in supermarkets, vegatables and fruits. The fruit can also be utilized in hospitals around the globe. It’s versatile and will be eaten by hand, sliced ​​and served in fruit bowls; They’re additionally good for making fruit baskets, baking banana bread, muffins, pastries, banana cut up and the well-known banana punch.

Nonetheless, bananas are used as a secure meals in lots of tropical and non-tropical nations around the globe and are a lifeline for communities. In elements of the world akin to Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, the place we export and import primary merchandise, which offer a balanced weight-reduction plan for hundreds of thousands of individuals.

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