Feeding Your Pink Wigglers

Feeding Your Pink Wigglers

Feeding Your Pink Wigglers

Pink worms are nice for creating nutrient-rich compost on your backyard. Listed below are some concepts on what you’ll be able to feed your Pink Wigglers.

Now that your worms are used to their new residence, you will wish to begin feeding them slowly. We suggest beginning with small quantities of meals to know what your wigglers prefer to eat and in addition to observe the quantity.

Pink Wigglers are identified to love watermelon, pumpkin puree (pie filling), and cornmeal. Listed below are some do’s and don’ts relating to feeding your worms.

To not do :

  • shiny paper merchandise
  • meat merchandise
  • dairy merchandise
  • jalapenos and different spicy meals
  • cat and canine poop – might be composted by worms however not if the casts are for use within the backyard. Presents a well being danger.
  • citrus fruits – could make the tray acidic. OK in very small portions occasionally

To do :

  • small items, it’s advisable to cut the meals or soften it by freezing after which thawing it
  • bury meals underneath the litter a minimum of 3″ to discourage fruit flies and gnats
  • use rainwater or nicely water if utilizing metropolis water, permit it to take a seat in a bucket for twenty-four hours earlier than utilizing on bedding to scale back chemical substances utilized in bedding ‘water. Worms are like natural matter, they do not like chemical substances.
  • OK, that is to not do however it’s underneath the to do. Don’t fret about micro organism, mould and microbial populations. These organisms assist break down meals matter to make it simpler for the worms to eat. Additionally they contribute to castings. Good compost is stuffed with microbial organisms. And the castings are filled with them!

Here’s a listing of a few of the meals we feed our worms:

(observe that it is best to attempt small quantities of latest gadgets first to see in case your worm herd likes them first)

Apples and peels



Bananas and peels





Espresso grounds and filters

corn flour


Eggshells (crushed)



pinto beans







Tea leaves and baggage


Watermelon / Cantaloupe


Including a pinch or two of crushed eggshells, sand, or soil may also help your worms digest the meals listed above. Worms have gizzards and want the grain these present to assist break down meals within the worms’ digestive system.

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