Frequent Tomato Illnesses – Causes, Signs & Treatments

Frequent Tomato Illnesses – Causes, Signs & Treatments

Have you learnt what ailments to search for in your tomatoes? Maintain your tomato crop wholesome by avoiding some frequent ailments:

Alternaria blight:

“Alternaria leaf spot impacts tomato foliage, fruit and stems. It’s attributable to the fungus Alternaria solani. Signs embody darkish spots which have concentric rings. A bull’s-eye sample might develop. If the leaves die off, tomatoes stay uncovered and could also be liable to sunburn.

Therapeutic: Affected tomato crops ought to be eliminated and all particles eliminated. This fungus is soil borne and can survive the winter. Subsequently, something an affected tomato plant has touched ought to be eliminated as it’s most probably contaminated. You will need to use a resistant tomato cultivar and rotate your crops.

downy mildew:

Late blight is attributable to the fungus Phytophthora infestans and impacts each tomatoes and potatoes. That is particularly harmful if the climate is especially cool and humid. Late blight was the fungus that triggered the Irish Potato Famine. The leaves can have lesions and seem as irregular grey spots. If the climate is humid, a white mould might seem across the stains. As soon as the tomato fruits are contaminated, they may develop darkish areas that can cowl a big share of the tomato. The fungus will be unfold from tomato plant to tomato plant by wind or rain.

Remedy: Make sure to depart ample spacing between tomato crops and keep away from overhead watering, particularly within the afternoon or night. Uproot and destroy all affected tomato crops. Make certain to not use rotten potatoes in your compost as they carry the fungus.

Bacterial wilt:

Bacterial wilt is attributable to Ralstonia solanacearum, which enters the roots of tomato crops by way of insect wounds or pure wounds that happen the place secondary roots start to develop. The illness develops extra simply in a heat and humid surroundings. As soon as contained in the tomato plant, the micro organism multiply quickly and fill the plant with slime. This results in the plant wilting, however the leaves stay inexperienced.

Remedy: Bacterial wilt may be very troublesome to regulate as a result of the micro organism can survive within the soil for a number of seasons. Make sure to take away all contaminated tomato crops and soil that the tomatoes have touched if doable. Crop rotation is thought to assist, particularly with crops which can be unaffected by micro organism resembling beans, cabbage and corn.

Southern Blight:

Southern blight is attributable to the fungus Sclerotium rolfsii. Often the primary symptom is drooping of tomato leaves, which is frequent for different wilts. Then a brownish dry rot will develop on the tomato plant simply close to the soil line. Then a white fungus will start to develop and lesions will develop on the stems. This may in flip trigger your complete tomato plant to wilt and die.
Remedy: Sadly, the fungus can dwell for years within the soil, so in case your crop grows, destroy the tomato crops and any soil the tomato crops have touched. Additionally, crop rotation with crops that are not affected by the fungus may assist, since you by no means know if you happen to’ve actually eliminated all of the contaminated soil. »

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