German Quantity Coaching – Exercise Routine

German Quantity Coaching – Exercise Routine

German quantity coaching entails doing 10 units of the identical train, with the objective of doing 10 reps per set, for a complete of 100 reps for the exercise. After all, the objective is kind of theoretical, as a result of if you happen to can truly do ten full units of ten, you are not utilizing a heavy sufficient weight.

The very first thing to say right here is that that is extra of a sophisticated routine that it is best to use after about 6 months of constant weight coaching, as it’s important that you’re in fine condition to maximise the outcomes you’ll be able to obtain. You’ll have to drop the weights that you’re used to pushing. Normally an excellent place to begin can be 60% of what you usually use. Once I adopted this program it may appear a bit daunting at first in case you are like me and actually like to extend your power, however keep on with this system and you will notice superb outcomes, and for the primary week this routine provides you with severe DOMS [Delayed onset muscle soreness] so be ready and ensure your weight-reduction plan and supplementation are below management.

The dietary supplements I take advantage of are protein, creatine, amino acids, a multivitamin, and cod liver oil. That is all you want, do not get carried away with the hype of complement corporations and keep on with dietary supplements that truly have scientific testing to again it up.

This system makes use of easy workouts that you’re most likely acquainted with. In case you are new then Google EXRX. This website is nice for studying find out how to carry out workouts and stretches and positively price searching in some unspecified time in the future.

Now, for the GVT program, listed below are some fundamentals:

1) The load you employ for the primary 9 units stays the identical.

2) When you’ll be able to truly do 10 units of 10, it is time to enhance the load

3) Relaxation 60-90 seconds between units

4) Apply this tempo:

a) 4-0-2 for chest, again and leg actions

b) 3-0-2 for the motion of the shoulders, biceps and triceps.

It simply means 4 or 3 seconds for the concentric motion, 0 seconds pause and a couple of seconds for the concentric motion

So for the chest press or the bench, it is advisable take 4 seconds to go down, 0 seconds to pause, 2 seconds to boost the load.

Or for Squats, 4 seconds down, 0 seconds pause, 2 seconds up


First day: chest and triceps

Day 2: Quads

Day 3: Off

Day 4: Hamstrings and Shoulders

Fifth day: Again and biceps

Sixth day: disabled

Seventh day: disabled



Incline bench press: 3 units of 10

Decline bench: 3 units of 10

Bench Press: 3 units of 10

Dumbbell flies: 1 set of 10


Vast pull-ups: 3 units of 10

Deadlifts: 3 units of 10

Slender, semi-supinated grip [so your palms will be facing each other, usually the grip-prong is a cylinder] Pull-ups: 3 units of 10

Barbell Rows: 1 set of 10


Entrance squats: 3 units of 10

Again Squat, Slender Stance, 1 and 1/3 Squats (excessive bar on the again): 3 units of 10

Again Squat, Medium Stance Squats: 3 units of 10

Leg extensions: 1 set of 10


Hi there: 3 units of 10

Out-of-Field Straight Leg Deadlifts: 3 units of 10

Straight leg deadlifts (from the ground): 3 units of 10

Leg curls: 1 set of 10


Medium grip dumbbell presses (in entrance of the neck): 3 units of 10

Medium grip dumbbell presses (behind the neck): 3 units of 10

Very vast dumbbell presses (in entrance of the neck): 3 units of 10

Lateral raises (utilizing dumbbells): 1 set of 10

Biceps (utilizing dumbbells)

Preacher Curls: 3 units of 10

Incline curls: 3 units of 10

Standing curls: 3 units of 10

Reverse buckles: 1 set of 10


Dips [weighted would be ideal]: 3 units of 10

Rope Pushdowns: 3 units of 10

Overhead extensions utilizing the EZ curl bar: 3 units of 10

Reverse Grip Pushdowns (use a flat bar on cables and along with your palms going through you, pull the bar in the direction of your thighs and bear in mind to deal with contracting your triceps): 1 set of 10

At first it does not appear to have that a lot quantity since there are solely 4 workouts, however follow the fitting tempo and you will actually really feel it.

As for a way lengthy to carry out the routine, I like to recommend that you simply carry out it for 8-12 weeks. It is all the time a good suggestion to vary issues up so your physique has to regulate to a brand new routine and I believe 12 weeks is a good period of time to see outcomes and never get your physique used to the routine.

After ending GVT I attempt to incorporate some tempo into exercises right here and there simply to combine issues up because it positively offers a pleasant stretch to the muscle.

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