Pay Consideration to Wheelchair Security – Issues to Watch Out For

Pay Consideration to Wheelchair Security – Issues to Watch Out For

A latest survey of wheelchair customers ranked wheelchair consolation as an important problem for individuals who use them. Like drivers who pay extra for consolation, wheelchair customers at the moment are keen to shell out extra money for consolation. I perceive the place wheelchair customers come from, since they’re in wheelchairs a lot of the day, actually about 15 hours.

Whereas agreeing that consolation is a giant problem, wheelchair security lacks consideration. This text will deal with wheelchair questions of safety, upkeep and what to look out for when utilizing a wheelchair.

Brakes are the highest precedence in wheelchair security. Often test the brakes as they may loosen over time, compromising consumer security. For instance, good brakes are wanted when a consumer is transferred to a wheelchair. If the brakes don’t work nicely and the grip on the ground isn’t adequate, the chair may transfer and transfer, inflicting the consumer to lose steadiness and fall!

If the autumn causes additional damage, or if the consumer lacks the bodily energy to assist themselves into the chair, they’re blocked till somebody comes to help them. Though it has the flexibility to rise up from the ground to a wheelchair, ineffective brakes are nonetheless an issue as it’s way more tough to rise up from a transferring wheelchair.

Second, stability and steadiness are essential for secure wheelchair use. With a purpose to guarantee stability and steadiness, there are a couple of easy guidelines to observe:

1. Bear in mind to make use of your seat positioning strap if obtainable.

2. Don’t lean ahead out of the wheelchair past the size of the armrests, when leaning ahead at all times make sure the casters are pointing ahead to supply extra stability .

3. Don’t try to select up objects from the bottom by bending between your knees.

4. Don’t shift your weight within the path you’re reaching for because the wheelchair might tip over.

5. Don’t lean excessive of the again upholstery as this will likely trigger you to tip over.

6. Don’t try to cross curbs or obstacles.

7. Don’t tilt the wheelchair with out help.

8. Don’t use an escalator to maneuver between flooring with out help.

9. Don’t try to climb or descend a slope with water, ice or an oil movie on it.

10. Don’t cross, climb or descend ramps or grades larger than 9 levels.

Third, when helping a wheelchair consumer, there are a couple of easy guidelines to observe:

1. The helper ought to at all times inform the wheelchair consumer what they’re doing and keep away from sudden actions.

2. He ought to at all times undertake good physique posture for his personal security and maintain his again straight and bend his knees barely when tipping the wheelchair or transferring on pavements.

3. Tilting a wheelchair with no tilt bar requires two individuals, one at every finish.

The checklist above captures a few of the widespread safety points to be careful for and is actually not exhaustive. The wheelchair is meant to permit larger freedom and independence to its consumer, to not turn into the software of additional hurt. At all times follow wheelchair security and benefit from wheelchair life!

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