The parable of seafood and cheese

The parable of seafood and cheese

What’s fallacious with seafood and cheese showing collectively in the identical dish? Does Cheese Actually Make Seafood Funky? Meals Community star and Italian chef extraordinaire Scott Conant appears to have a pet peeve about it, however is he proper? If cheese actually does make seafood funky, numerous well-known dishes should not have been invented, not to mention turn into well-known. An instance could be the lobster thermidor. In his second battle, Japanese Iron Chef Komei Nakamura made a model utilizing blue cheese; the tasters liked it and Nakamura received. Movie star chef Bobby Flay claimed on TV that he loves blue cheese mussels, and on Triple D, Man Fieri loved Parmesan-dusted clam linguine (an Italian dish, Scott). And what concerning the following well-known dishes: seafood gratin, seafood risotto and seafood fondue? OK, so possibly Chef Conant is actually speaking about cheese and, extra particularly, fish. For that I’ve Iron Chef Cat Cora making baracuda chips for fondue, and marscapone fish in Paris on Anthony Bourdain’s one centesimal episode.

An fascinating antedote got here up lately. I used to be in Tijuana, Mexico doing dental work and went to a sushi bar for lunch. Then I nonetheless wished a bit one thing so I went to a gap within the wall restaurant and ordered a quesadilla. Whereas I used to be consuming, I all of a sudden realized what I used to be doing: including cheese to my fish!

Did Scott Conant ever eat a fish sandwich in a burger with a slice of American in it? Has he ever seen Giada de Laurentis, who’s extra Italian than him, sprinkle fish with parmesan? Possibly I can consider one thing that is not enhanced by including cheese (chocolate, possibly?), however fish, proper? Personally, I am an enormous fan of seafood, together with fish, in creamy cheese sauces. Have you ever ever taken sides on this challenge? Or possibly you have not considered it and this text will encourage you to strive your hand at fish and cheese. For those who prefer it, let Scott know!

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