World’s Largest Elephant Ear – Colocasia Gigantea Thailand Big Pressure

World’s Largest Elephant Ear – Colocasia Gigantea Thailand Big Pressure

When was the Thailand Big Pressure found?

Colocasia gigantea Thailand Big Pressure was found in 2003 by former Plant Delights analysis director Dr. Petra Schmidt. Petra is an aroid skilled who PDN proprietor Tony Avent despatched to Southeast Asia on a plant amassing expedition (see the record of PDN plant expeditions right here).

Petra toured Laos and Thailand and saved her eyes peeled for all that was new and superior…and my God, has she ever touched earth! Whereas in Kanchanaburi province, an area information took her to see a completely big specimen of Colocasia gigantea rising in a nationwide park. As you possibly can see within the image, the plant was greater than the minivan Petra was touring in!

Petra collected seeds from the plant and the seedlings turned the bottom of the plant now we have available in the market in the present day. The seedlings are all barely totally different, however they’re all a lot bigger than common. That is why we name it ThailandGiant Pressure as a substitute of giving it a cultivar title… the vegetation aren’t clones.

What will probably be its dimension?

Colocasia gigantea Thailand Big Pressure is barely hardy in our Raleigh, NC backyard. It goes dormant on the first signal of chilly climate within the fall and stays dormant till the next summer season. The plant solely wakes up when it’s totally, highly regarded… which is normally July for us. It grows fairly rapidly and on the finish of September approaches its most dimension in our backyard. Ours towers about 6 toes tall, however the leaves are every gigantic and might simply measure 3 toes large and 4.5 toes lengthy. Our brief heat season vastly limits its final dimension. This plant will develop way more within the semi-tropical states of the US the place it’s extra just like its homeland, Thailand.

In its pure residence, the mum or dad of our seed pressure has grown properly over 9 toes tall…really monstrous!

How can we care for Thailand Big

Colocasia gigantea Thailand Big Pressure is a hardy zone 8 plant. Raleigh is in zone 7b so we have to take steps to guard our plant in the course of the winter. The next record is a fruits of our efforts:

  1. We plant our Thailand Big in a spot that stays dry in winter. A moist location will promote winter rot
  2. In late summer season or fall, we dig up the plant and replant it deeper. We just lately discovered that Colocasias have a tendency to maneuver up within the soil profile over time. We’ve to counter this in order that the corona doesn’t freeze.
  3. Within the fall, we take away the useless foliage and pile a pile of shredded leaves on prime of the bulb for insulation.
  4. On the finish of spring, the shredded leaves are eliminated in order that the soil doesn’t stay too moist.
  5. In the course of the summer season we hold the soil evenly moist however not soggy. In contrast to C. esculenta which likes moist toes, C. gigantea doesn’t.

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